Jamie Crane-Mauzy back on snow, and loving ALINEs

Jamie Crane-Mauzy shared her story about how ALINEs have helped her free ski better and recover from a teared ACL. She is flying high now and we wish her well for the next season.

“Oh No” was what was flashing through my head, I knew I was overshooting the landing of the jump, and my body figured how to slow my spinning down before my mind could comprehend what was happening. I landed switch, but my right knee caved in tearing my ACL. One week later I won the first ever Jr. Worlds in slopestyle skiing.

My name’s Jamie Crane-Mauzy, I’m a 19-year-old professional park and pipe skier living in Park City, Utah. After returning home from NZ, I continued trying to ski, but ended up having to get knee surgery in January of 2011. I found ALINE insoles while at the Boston ski show. As soon as I started wearing them I could feel a stronger alignment between by feet, ankles, and knees.


As I returned to skiing I noticed an increase in my ability to react quickly and comfortably on my skis. I also noticed that when I landed switch my knees stayed right over my feet and never caved inward. Besides skiing I use my ALINEs everywhere I can! I use them in my skate shoes, which helps my foot support. I even transfer my insoles into fashion boots and whatever else I wear because they increase the overall comfort so well.  My ALINEs have improved my performance in everything I use them for and I feel comfortable knowing the alignment ALINE provides keeps me healthy and strong, so I can do whatever I dream of on skis.

To follow more about Jamie check out her blog and her 2012 video edit for the upcoming video Nine Queens

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