Jamie Crane-Mauzy “JCray” Wraps Up East Coast Ski Season With Much Love For ALINE!

JCray at Winter X! #freezeframe

It may not be the best image around, but it’s an image you need to remember. Underneath that logo’d helmet and goggles is one of the most impressive female athletes we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Jamie Crane-Mauzy, who prefers to just be called “JCray” is an up and coming badass who is about to put her skiing talents on the map!

This shot was taken this year at the Winter X Games right after she became the first female skier to EVER double back flip in competition! Her accomplishments didn’t end there though, Jamie had a full year of competition earning silver, gold, even platinum level podiums – and it has only made her hungry for more! ALINE is lucky to be affiliated with such a motivated and talented athlete who will continue to work hard and help the progression of her sport. We have been a part of her training and a solution for her performance for a few years now and are really looking forward to watching and helping her rise to the top. Judging by her comments, we think she likes us too 🙂

JCray sent us this nice message wrapping up her east coast season, and quite simply, it made us happy, so we thought we should share it. Keep doing what you’re doing, Jamie!

My goal for this year skiing was to establish myself on the tour, land solid results, push the level of girls skiing, and continue to improve rapidly on my own ski skills. 

I think I accomplished all those goals and beyond and am so happy with the friends and community I got to become a part of!

My goal off the hill was to become someone people recognized and looked up to in the ski community.  Whether it was local PC kids coming up to me in line, or about 50 guys at a SLC party telling my they turned on girls X-Games for the first time and were stoked. It became obvious I accomplished huge first steps in making that impact I am looking to make.

I couldn’t have accomplished what I did this year without your belief in me, and product support.  I was proud to represent ALINE around the world.

Thank you so much for supplying me with product this year! Looking forward to many more adventures coming up right around the corner! THANKS AGAIN!

❤ JCray

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