ALINE Invites CHARM to X Games

For Immediate Release:  Each year ALINE invites members of its over 1,000 ACE (ALINE Certified Expert) providers to participate in events around the country supporting professional and elite athletes.  This year Austin’s CHARM (Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine) Supported ALINE  during the Summer X Games. CHARM is dedicated to helping patients prevent, manage,and treat movement based injuries, these providers incorporate the ALINE insole in their practice on a daily basis and now to the world’s most extreme athletes. The ESPN X Games are a collection of competitions in which extreme athletes compete throughout multiple disciplines in hopes for the gold. ALINE has been working at both the Winter and Summer X Games for just over 10 years now and works directly with the athletes in their exclusive tent to help them perform at their best while they are competing.

About CHARM, they believe the human body – your body – has everything required for complete recovery held within it. Our purpose and privilege as your health care partners is to provide an environment focused on removing the barriers and facilitating your body’s innate capacity to heal. By never settling for the status quo, our vision at CHARM is to see Austin, Texas as the leader in the United States for Regenerative and Restorative Medicine.


Dr. Harris & Michelle Harris PT with ALINE Inventor Gordon Hay

Thursday (Day One of X Games) CHARM Center for Healing and Medicine sent Carrie Zika and Dr. Ben Rawson to support ALINE Athletes. ALINE Inventor & Co-Founder Gordon Hay met Carrie and Ben with credentials to access all of X Games events, services as well as the exclusive Athlete Lounge.

First stop to meet with ALINE partner and X Games on site medical services provider Robb Blackaby, Founder of  Medicine in Motion (also an ALINE Provider).

Dr. Blackaby and Dr. Rawson discussed the complexities involved with medically managing extreme sport events like the X Games. Dr.Robb has a talented staff of 18 first responders to service injuries as they frequently happen.

The second stop was the exclusive Athlete Lounge where ALINE provides biomechanical services to just about all the athletes. This year was exciting because we were celebrating the 10th year of working with ALINE. Dr. Rawson jumped right in to help assess and advise X Games and Olympic Athletes, starting off with with Olympian and X Games Gold Medalist athlete Jarryd Hughs. While finishing up with Jarryd, Dr. Rawson met and assessed 4 time gold medalist Kyle Baldock as well as soon to be Gold medalist Kevin Peraza for some new pairs of ALINE Cycles to go in their shoes for competition.
Dr. Rawson and Carrie Zika assessed athletes on the medical sideline of the famous BMX Dirt training. This was a great opportunity to get an upclose view at X Games Athletes and see how they work in their profession. All ALINE Athletes this year were pushing the envelope and dominated the podiums in Austin.


Dr. Rawson spectating the Dirt Jump Finals at X Games Austin 2016

Friday (Day Two of X GAMEs) We were excited and fortunate to have Carrie Zika around with ALINE as Carrie supported ALINEs busiest day on Friday, Working with many of the world’s most extreme athletes such as Ronny Renner, 8 time Moto X Gold medalist.

“I had such a great experience spending time with Gordon at the X-games. Not only did I learn substantially more about ALINEs, but Gordon also brought a fresh perspective on anatomy and biomechanics. It was incredible to see the tangible differences that Alines make and it’s hard to argue their efficacy when seeing the Aline athletes on the top of the podium. I am certainly a believer and an Aline advocate for my patients.”

Ben Rawson, DO

Saturday and Sunday (Days Three and Four of X GAMEs) Saturday and Sunday CHARM Centers founders Dr. David Harris and Michelle Harris PT Helped assess and advise athletes. It was definitely not your average day in the park as team CHARM helped ALINEd athletes dominate the BMX and Skateboard park podiums! Long-time ALINE athletes Dennis Enarson and Pedro Barros lock down the Gold.

…The gold medals poured in as ALINEd athletes captured 14 out of the 15 possible Gold Medals here at the 2016 X Games Austin!


Carrie Zika & Dr. Rawson meeting and assessing athletes.

“The opportunity to spend time with Gordon Hay in the ALINE booth at the X-Games was time spent realizing we are on the right track… Together. The fact that our bodies function in kinetic chains of motion in a relationship with gravity that begins as we contact the ground was so beautifully validated. Time and time again I witnessed elite athletes with the same reaction we see when a patient in the clinic experiences the dynamic stability of ALINE for the first time. It was a great “geeking out” with you Gordon.”


-Michele ZInk Harris, PT, CNP
ALINE does many events like the X-Games all throughout the country, including PGA Tour stops, numerous trade shows, health symposiums, marathons, and other fitness events.  If you or your clinical staff would like to participate with ALINE at one of these events please contact us.

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