Tour Player Earnings Grow on ALINEs

(Marblehead, MA) – ALINE, creators of a new class of golf equipment that replaces your shoes insoles, announced the results of a recent study done on the performance and earnings of Professional Golfers prior to and subsequent to putting ALINEs in their shoes.

An analysis was done of Money Earned by 18 Professionals who recently started wearing ALINEs in their shoes and the results were amazing. Total Money Earned by these 18 Players in five events prior to wearing ALINEs was $4,431,700.00. Total Money Earned in five events subsequent to adopting ALINEs was $6,960,000.00. That’s an average increase in winnings of over 57% and all 18 Players rank in Top 50% of 2016-2017 Money Earners!

“Each week, more and more Professional Golfers are discovering the advantages of wearing ALINEs in their shoes,” said Derek Carroll, Founder and CEO of ALINE Systems. “We are excited to see results like these and I can tell you the Players are excited too! When you provide benefits like increased power and distance, improved balance and accuracy, and a decrease in fatigue, Players have taken notice.”

To date more than 100 Players, Caddies and industry professionals have worked with the ALINE technical staff. They’ve all recognized the benefits of wearing ALINE both on and off the course. More than 40 Professional Golfers have worn ALINE this year.

So far this season, three victories have been achieved and over $7.3 Million have been earned by players with ALINEs under their feet.

For more information on ALINE visit their website at

Founded in 2005 by a team dedicated to improving performance and health from the ground up, ALINE patented technology optimizes a golfer’s performance by properly aligning the back, hips, knees and ankle.   This helps reduce lower body fatigue and improves swing mechanics, resulting in maximization of ground force reaction for more distance and accuracy.  Proven by 10 Professional wins, Olympic Gold Medals, over 100 X Games medals and doctors across the country, ALINEs are designed for performance in sports and life.  ALINE makes similar equipment for Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Cycling, Gym Workouts, Running, Walking and General Fitness activities.  ALINE…what’s inside counts.

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