Winter Games Athletes Around the World

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ALINE is excited to share our list of Winter Games Athletes using our product at ESPN X Games and now to represent their countries.  These elite athletes are like you,  they want to Move Better so they Feel Better and Perform Better.  If ALINE can do it for them, we can do it for you!  Let’s root on our US Winter athletes as well as our athlete friends from around the world!

ALINE XGames Athletes participating in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics
ALINE XGames Athletes representing the US and Abroad
Name Event Nation
 Danny DavisLouis Vito  Snowboard HalfpipeSnowboard Halfpipe  USAUSA
Jarryd Hughes SBX Australia
Aimee Fuller Slope Style Board Great Britain
Helene Olafson SBX Norway
Lindsey Jacobellis SBX USA
AJ Kemppainen Free Style Skiing Finland
Henrick Harlaut Free Style Skiing Sweden
David Wise Free Style Skiing USA
Isabel Derungs Slope Style Board Switzerland
Silje Norendal Slope Style Board Norway
Yuki Tsubota Free Style Skiing Canada
Alex Deibold SBX USA
Cameron Bolton SBX Australia
James Woods Free Style Skiiing Great Britain
Sven Thorgren Slope Style Board Sweden
Charles Guldemond Slope Style Board USA
Nick Baumgartner SBX USA
Kim Lamarre Free Style Skiing Canada
Faye Gulini SBX USA
Jaqueline Hernandez SBX USA
Jamie Anderson Slope Style Board USA

Cam Newton – NFA 7v7 Football National Championships: The Youth Athlete Contradiction

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Cam Newton with QB Skill Challenge Champion
Cam Newton with QB Skill Challenge Champion

If you’re looking for the Gridiron/Battle in the Trenches style of football played upon the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, you will NOT find it here my friends.  This is 7v7 football – a high speed, lightning intensity paced game where the focus falls upon the skill players.  If the vertical attack of the quarterback to his gravity-defying wide receivers virtually dicing the defense apart as a skilled butcher would take apart a side of beef sounds appealing to you, then this is your game!

On the weekend of June 21st, the Third Annual Cam Newton Skills Challenge kicked off the IMG7v7 National Championship weekend festivities, which took place at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla.  This event attracts some of the nation’s most elite high school talent reaching from Delaware, Canada, Colorado, Florida and all points between.  Teams qualified through a series of events held all across the United States. This was one of the last opportunities to watch players by the names of Quincy Wilson(48 D1 offers), Richard Yeargin(40 D1 offers), Sam Bruce(Nephew of NFL great Isaac Bruce), Bo Scarborough(RB – Alabama commit), Jeff Holland(45 D1 offers), or Kevin Toliver II(CB – LSU commit) without paying top dollar for a ticket.

As an Official Sponsor of IMG, ALINE Systems was in attendance to evaluate and analyze all of the athlete’s functional lower body alignment.  The results were, in a word, shocking.  In this context shocking has dual meaning, as you will see.

The Skills Challenge kicked off the weekend’s competition.  After a motivating speech from Cam Newton himself, the battle was underway to crown the tournament’s top Quarterback and Wide Receiver.  The ALINE Team was placed just outside the End Zone ready to Evaluate Like Champions…(insert Notre Dame Fight Song)

As the day progressed two things became blatantly apparent.  1 – These young men were amazing physical specimens and individuals. 2 – Overuse Syndrome has become an epidemic! The amount and frequency of injuries along with severe mal-alignments were, as I mentioned earlier, quite shocking.  Running the gamut from chronic lateral ankle sprain to medial tibial stress syndrome through ACL/PCL complete tears.  Even at this youthful age, Lower Back Pain was a common complaint.  Historically an issue developed late in life from the punishment placed upon the body from years of movement, now seems to have translated to the youth athletic population.  The ALINE Team was in amazement at the contradiction of elite level athletic performance and severe injury frequency and history.

On the positive side, in most all cases the youth foot is flexible.  Still malleable and not rigid from decades of punishment, we were able to place these young men on the ALINE Foot Suspension Systems and correct most of their alignment maladies.  The severe pronation and correlated genu-valgum(knock-knees) knee patterns disappeared as the ALINEment advanced.  Instant comfort was felt and healthier tracking patterns seen.  The simplistic joy seen on the faces of these pigskin warriors when the Red Line bisected their well muscled legs and ALINE under foot was a constant pleasure.  Again the ALINE Advantage was able to identify lower extremity alignment issues and aid in the prevention of further injury or deformity allowing these young athletes to perform to their utmost potential!

The event weekend concluded on Sunday with Team Tampa being crowned the NFA 7v7 National Champions for the second year in a row! It was an intra-Floridian battle with Tampa overtaking Miami’s own South Florida Express Elite, 25-24.  Cam Newton was in attendance throughout the entire event.  If his physical presence and personality didn’t alert you to his NFL pedigree, you would think he another one of the kids.  As an outsider looking in, it’s always refreshing to see an athlete of his acclaim and success able to interact with young, aspiring student-athletes.  Also, at the conclusion of the Skills Challenge, Cam was there to hand out award packages including ALINE Performance Insoles!

The facts are clear about the importance of alignment and foot care.  The human body is not made up of separate parts.  “The knee bone’s connected to the shin bone…”as the song goes.  It is this kinetic chain that must be maintained and assessed over time.  The challenge is changing the knowledge base of youth, coaches and families so they all understand that their foundation directly affects their function.  This fact alone will have positive long term effects on not only their football careers, but their quality of life beyond the Gridiron.

  •  Written/Edited by: Jonna Pento

Barefoot in Golf – Read This Testimonial

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Golfer Matt Saternus reviews the ALINE Product with a bias towards Barefoot. It is nice to know he is seeing the exact same things we are. Way to go Matt! (Read his review here)

IMG Academy NFL Combine trainees use ALINE to maximize performance on the field

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Eric Reid LSUIMG Academy Former LSU safety Eric Reid gets his ALINE analysis from President and Founder, Derek Carroll Posted: February 04, 2013


Competing in sports at the highest level takes its toll on the human body, especially the knees, ankles and feet. Years of hammering, pivoting, and pressure frequently result in lower body misalignment. This misalignment correlates to a significant increase in leg and lower back injuries. Enter IMG Academy performance sponsor: ALINE. ALINE’s patented insole technologies were developed over twenty years of research with the everyday athlete to the world-class athlete. While athletes of all levels may be familiar with the concept of a customized insoles or orthotics, few recognize the difference an ALINE can make.

According to President and Founder of ALINE, Derek Carroll, using a customized insole is like “putting a cast around the foot, keeping it the same. We want the foot to go backwards and regain its natural shape again. Once unlocked, the ankle, knee and the body wants to realign itself.” ALINE’s dynamic bFAST® Foot Suspension Technology™ enables athletes’ arches to reshape and align for better overall performance.

ALINE provides its expertise in lower body alignment analysis to athletes, educating them on their bio-mechanics and how to improve and increase their performance levels. Recently, Carroll and his team visited IMG Academy to work with this year’s NFL Combine Training class of more than 40 top prospects. The best power position for these athletes is found when the body is perfectly aligned. This is essential for a defensive end wanting to explode off the line, or any NFL Combine trainee trying to shave that extra half of a second off their 40-yard dash.

“ALINE believes that the foot and its proper function is critical to the performance of athletes,” said ALINE President Derek Carroll. “Athletes who come to IMG Academy test their bodies to the limits, and ALINE is there to help them perform. A misaligned lower body reduces an athlete’s control and performance, and leads to increased wear and tear on the body. We are here to try and reduce that wear and tear and enable athletes to continue improving and thriving.”

Performance footwear leader ALINE Systems joins IMG Academy as official alignment and foot services provider

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Bradenton, Fla. (September 13, 2012) – ALINE Systems, the leading producer of Foot Suspension Systems, has teamed up with IMG Academy as the exclusive foot services provider to the world-renowned education and sports training institution. ALINE will establish a presence at IMG Academy to provide state-of-the-art laser alignment analysis and performance footwear solutions to the countless youth, adult, collegiate and professional athletes who call the campus their training home. IMG Academy’s athletes and coaches will also play a role in the development and testing of new ALINE product innovations.

“We are committed to providing our athletes access to the most cutting-edge technology to maximize their performance potential,” said Trevor Moawad, Director of Athletic and Personal Development at IMG Academy. “ALINE’s onsite presence will offer our athletes not only advanced footwear solutions, but also invaluable biomechanical feedback that can help them perform at their best while taking steps to prevent injury.”

ALINE’s dynamic bFAST® Foot Suspension Technology™ enables athletes’ arches to reshape and align for better overall performance. ALINE provides lower body alignment analysis to athletes, educating them on their biomechanics and how to improve. ALINE’s Foot Suspension Systems are used by PGA Tour Pros, NFL players, Olympic Champions, X Games winners and much more. They feature ‘suspension zones’ that allow one’s feet to move more naturally, maintaining proper alignment through any range of motion.

“I believe that the foot and its proper function is critical to the performance of athletes,” said ALINE President Derek Carroll. “IMG Academy athletes test their bodies to the limits, and ALINE is there to help them perform.  A misaligned lower body reduces an athlete’s control and performance, and leads to increased wear and tear on the body. There’s no better place than IMG Academy to examine the needs of youth athletes and to contribute to their ongoing development.”

ALINE joins a growing roster of IMG Academy performance sponsors like Under Armour, Gatorade, TRX, Power Plate and SPRI. With more than 30,000 youth, adult, collegiate and professional athletes passing through its campus annually, IMG Academy is the ideal research ‘lab’ for performance technology. A critical number of serious youth athletes training year-round provides an even more attractive environment for performance companies looking to understand the habits and needs of a budding population.


ALINE’s patented insole technologies were developed with the help of thousands of people, from X Games athletes to NFL Teams to PGA Tour Pros to Olympians. ALINE’s are not an insole, a foot bed, nor an orthotic device. Instead, ALINE’s are a foot alignment and support system that positions and suspends the foot inside a sports shoe or boot for maximum efficiency and power transfer. Their unique foot suspension system benefits athletes of all abilities by optimizing their foot and lower leg alignment to stop excessive pronation and other misalignments.

About IMG Academy

IMG Academy is the world’s leading integrated academic and athletic training establishment. For more than 30 years, IMG Academy has helped countless youth, adult, collegiate and professional athletes realize their full potential in life and in sport.

Today, the Bradenton, Fla.-based campus attracts 30,000 athletes from nearly 100 countries annually. IMG Academy offers youth camp and academy programs in a variety of sports, as well as athletic and personal areas of development. Additionally, IMG Academy offers training programs for professional athletes, teams and leagues from around the world.

The ALINE insole system benefits athletes of all abilities by optimizing their foot and lower leg alignment to stop excessive pronation and other misalignments. The laser-assisted “ALINER” device quickly and easily measures foot size and ankle/knee position. In just minutes, the athlete can see exactly where his or her alignment should be. And the ALINE suspension insoles allow this optimization to occur naturally. For more on ALINE, visit or call 800-736-9005.

Media Contact

Derek Carroll
ALINE Systems, Inc.
30 Doaks Lane
Marblehead, MA 01945
800-736-9005 ext. 111

ALINE Saves the day at day two of X

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Day two was another raging day and ALINE was in the right place with the goods to make everything good in the world of X.

Bob Burnquist suffered a bruised heel during the skateboard big air practice earlier in the week. His team at Medicine and Motion called upon Team ALINE to do what we do best. Gordon was there with custom sole protection which helped Burnquist take the gold medal in last nights big air final. (Bob Burnquist Crash)

Bob Burnquist plans on coming to ALINE today for more custom work and we hope he brings his medal to show off!

Another ALINE athlete, Nolan Munroe at the ripe old age of 18, landed the biggest air of 22.5 ft out of the quarter pipe in the competition. He was hooked up with ALINE the day before and managed to score a bronze medal in his first appearance at summer X.Stay close as we update more on medals and stories from ALINE at X Games.